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Risk Management

Most brokers look at your risk program from two angles: placing your insurance and servicing your insurance. We know both are critical, but we also know that’s simply not enough. Instead of looking at how to limit premium increases, we’d rather determine how to reduce your need for coverage in the first place.

Here’s how we do it:


Using a highly structured process, we provide you a plan of action. You consult a plan when constructing a building, so it’s only natural to create a blueprint before creating a risk management program.


Having a plan is a strong start, but it isn’t enough. You have to get things done. You need a partner focused on executing your plan so you can get back to business.


There are trigger points throughout a company’s lifetime which require you to step back and make adjustments. You need a partner who can identify your Success Factors and Key Risk Indicators and respond quickly when things change.

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