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Every jobsite carries its own unique risks. If your team isn’t looking beyond simple safety measures to protect your employees, you’re doing them a disservice. Take your program up a notch with MaximSafety. Our team of experts will help you find a plan that not only engages your employees, but ensures compliance, reduces costs and — most importantly — keeps your team safe.



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MaximSafety Minutes | July 2016
  • OSHA Penalties Are Set to Climb
  • Fines for Fall Hazards
  • Eleven Rules for Safe Handling of Hazardous Materials
MaximSafety Minutes | June 2016
  • Debunking Heat Illness Myths
  • Helping Workers Stay Cool
  • Steps to Prevent Employee Heat Stress
MaximSafety Minutes | May 2016
  • Fall Safety Stand-Down Strategies: Identifying Fall Hazards
  • OSHA and EPA Penalties on the Rise
MaximSafety Minutes | April 2016
  • Suspension Trauma: Every Minute Counts
  • OSHA Updates Eye and Face Protection Standards in Final Rule
MaximSafety Minutes | March 2016
  • Six Chemical Exposures to Watch Out For
MaximSafety Minutes | February 2016
  • Preventing Eye Injuries When Welding
  • How to Kill Yourself Using Fall Protection
MaximSafety Minutes | January 2016
  • Hazard Controls
  • Cold Stress Prevention
MaximSafety Minutes | November 2015
  • Workplace Housekeeping
MaximSafety Minutes | October 2015
  • Storing Flammable Chemicals
MaximSafety Minutes | September 2015
  • National Preparedness Month
  • Are You Ready for a Power Outage?
MaximSafety Minutes | August 2015
  • Silica Hazards
  • Drowsy Driving
MaximSafety Minutes | July 2015
  • New Safety Data Sheets
  • Heat Illness Myths
  • Returning to Work after Heat Illness
MaximSafety Minutes | June 2015
  • Confined Spaces Rule
  • Preventing Heat Illness
  • Emergency Evacuations
MaximSafety Minutes | May 2015
  • Preventing Workplace Fires
  • What Does OSHA Say?
MaximSafety Minutes | April 2015
  • Near-Miss Reporting
  • Updated Arc Flash Standards
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