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If your company is looking to attract and retain top-tier talent, never underestimate the power of employee benefits. By partnering with an expert in benefits coordination like MaximGroup, you’ll never wonder if your benefits package is lacking or needs more substance. We offer a range of benefits services to meet your company’s needs.

  • MaximClient website

    MaximClient is an online center that offers you personalized, time-saving tools and resources that build convenience into managing your everyday tasks. You can collaborate online, access news, information and resources, and connect with your peers in the industry.

  • COBRA management

    We provide up-to-date information to guide you through COBRA management as well as resources to assist in outsourcing COBRA. Our legislative summaries and updates keep you abreast of legislative activity related to employee benefits.

  • Group health insurance installation and implementation

    MaximGroup will explain your company's health insurance plan's details and benefits to your staff. We conduct enrollment meetings, participate in teleconferences and provide online access to benefits and educational information about the plan. We are available whenever you or a member of you staff has a question or needs support.

  • Claims, benefits and billing issues

    We assist with claims and billing issues for all employees. We research issues to ensure a timely resolution, so that your employees can focus on their work instead of their insurance.

  • Employee onboarding and termination

    We coordinate with your insurance carrier and follow up to ensure that employees are promptly added or terminated from your plan. All applications and requests to terminate may be faxed to our office for processing by an experienced account representative.

  • Yearly plan review and market analysis

    Your account representative will work with you to explain your current plan and goals and recommend solutions to build and manage your plan. We provide a written report, prepared by benefits experts, with samples of proposed plans or plan changes. When recommending a plan, we provide an organized, accurate market analysis that includes valuable benefit trend statistics and surveys that help make an informed decision.

  • Benefits summaries

    Our employee benefit statements communicate to your employees that you provide them with much more than just a paycheck. Tailored to your organization and personalized for each of your employees, our printed presentations will help employees understand the value of their benefit plans. We offer a variety of formats and choices for presentation.

  • Retirement planning

    We cover all areas of financial planning, 401K, simple plans, portfolio allocation and stock options in addition to investment, insurance planning and estate planning – all with an emphasis on minimizing taxes wherever possible. This is a customized program, implemented and based on the needs and goals of each organization.

  • 401(k) Plans

    401(k) retirement savings plans are a huge asset to your employees, but they come with a fair share of back-end administration on the part of the employer. Let MaximGroup help you establish and maintain a 401(k) plan and a coinciding recordkeeping system to keep track of contributions, earnings and losses.

  • Non-Qualified Retirement

    Establish a plan outside of ERISA guidelines to meet specialized retirement needs for your key executives. MaximGroup will help determine how to choose and implement the right non-qualified plan for your group, whether it is a deferred compensation plan, executive bonus plan, group carve-out plan or split-dollar life insurance plan.

  • Key Employee Benefits

    Ensure your key employees receive a benefits package that motivates them to continue adding value to your company. MaximGroup can customize offering solutions that honor their contributions to your business with excellent benefits.

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